Do you have a Courageous Girl in your life who is between 5-14 years old? 


Then sign-up BELOW to LEARN HOW TO START your own COURAGEOUS GIRLS club! 

1. Who is in your club?

It can be no pressure with either just you and your Courageous Girl(s) to start out with, or jump right in and find other mother-daughter duos to explore all these life issues together! The more perspectives your Courageous Girl can hear, the more empowering it can be. An ideal group is probably between 4-7 mom + daughter duos, and the ideal age to start a group is up to 10 years old (in order establish a safe, fun, proactive community before puberty and/or middle school hits.)  

2. Set time and location to meet 

Set-up a bi-weekly or monthly time to meet that is fairly easy to keep, such as maybe Sunday afternoons or after school one day, and decide on your location - whose house, apartment, or even in a classroom at school. Or possibly rotate between Courageous Girls' houses.   

3. Sign-up to give you access

Please fill out the form below so that we can send you a welcome package and give you guidance throughout the year! 

4. Figuring out what issues to explore

With your Courageous Girls taking the lead, your Courageous Girls Club will figure out which issues to start out exploring - body image, emotional intelligence, building confidence, etc. - just look through the interactive activities under Powerful Girl Design Lab and pick a lesson. At the end of each meeting, you can figure out what issue the Courageous Girls would like to tackle next, and a Courageous mother-daughter duo can be responsible for leading the next meeting's activity.

5. Choose to either volunteer or do social entrepreneurship through courage for good

This can be done once your Courageous Girls Club has had a little time to get to know one another, and around the 5th meeting start introducing them to Courage for Good, and discuss ways they would like to help others.

6. Plan an adventure or learn new ways to help protect our environment, through courage for our planet

Your Courageous Girls Club will decide what adventures to tackle each season - fall, winter, spring, and summer - with at least 1 overnight adventure a year! Look through the different ideas through Courage for Our Planet, or dream up your own! The options are endless...


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