Please help our Courageous Girls explore the world, grow in compassion, and stretch their skills in innovation!

Let a Courageous Girls Club partner up with your nonprofit (we call this program Courage for Good) and help them get to know the issues of your organization and work together to figure out effective ways they could help your nonprofit, through 1.) a creative fundraiser and 2.) designing a solution to one of your problems! 

If you become a CGC Partner Nonprofit organization, you will agree to:

1. Give an overview of your organization 

Through a Skype session (or in-person if local), you will introduce your organization to your partner Courageous Girls Club, and share about the country/city you are in, the complexity of the issues your clients are facing, and the interventions you are currently applying.

2. Set-up pen-pals or a Skype interview between your clients and the Courageous Girls, if at all possible. 

The goal is for the Courageous Girls Club to establish a personal connection with your organization and gain deeper insight into the issues that they are facing. If it is not possible to establish a connection with your clients, then use this Skype session to delve deeper into the issues of your organization, and answer questions from the Courageous Girls. The better they know your organization, the more invested they'll feel to help out.  

3. Figure out a specific project the creative fundraiser by the Courageous Girls Club would benefit.

Instead of fundraising to benefit the whole organization, helping instead a specific project would help the Courageous Girls feel more a part of your movement. So either brainstorm together what touches their hearts the most, and/or educate them on what would benefit your organization, giving some options.

(For example, how much does it cost for your organization to educate 1 girl in a year; how much it costs to dig a well; or how much it would cost to build something that's needed; etc.) 

4. With the Courageous Girls' help, brainstorm the different issues that they could help design a new solution to. 

For example, could you use some help getting the word out about your organization, or about a specific project, through a video or using social media? Could your partner Courageous Girls Club possibly build something for you, or collect donations for something that your organization is lacking? However the Courageous Girls could benefit the organization, the goal is for them to find out about real-world problems that they can then tackle together, and feel a part of, while also learning new skills in the process. Different Courageous Girls Clubs will have different passions/expertise, so spend a little time getting to know each other, and decide together what would benefit your organization the most!


SO In return, each cgc will organize

1 creative fundraiser


design 1 solution

to a Needed problem at your nonprofit.  

Become a Partner

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