Planting a Forest...

Did you know that trees can talk to each other? I recently heard a TedTalk by Suzanne Simard where she explained that some trees who are adequately resourced share CO2 with other trees who are under-resourced. How? Trees are connected by microscopic fungi, a complex web of hub trees and spoke trees that enable all trees to remain in constant communication with each other. Why? Because trees need a diverse community to thrive in; for example, some trees are more resistant to certain insects than other trees. She labeled trees, “super cooperators.” 

Men are like trees; we are told constantly by society, in subtle and not so subtle ways, to stand tall, be tough, don’t break. As a result, we often stand alone, and don’t share and support each other as much as we should, and I know that I am under-nourished because of it. That’s why I’m starting this blog, to build a community of fathers raising girls so that we can help nourish each other. I have four girls; Nori, 9, Kriszti, 7, Panni, 5, and Sophie, 2. I want them to be courageous in life, to take chances and risk failure. To discover their unique, beautiful selves deep down inside and to trust that voice to guide them throughout their lives.

We also need our girls to be leaders now more than ever, in their schools and in our communities, and in a country and world that is becoming angrier and scarier every day. That is why my wife, Nori, started this nonprofit, The Courageous Girls Club. I know you want the same thing for your daughters, and men, as fathers, we will play an instrumental, sometimes vital, role in shaping who they will become as women. It’s a daunting responsibility, no doubt, and I’d love to connect with more fathers like me who are still trying to figure out how to better.

So, my plan for the blog is to share some insights I’ve gathered from conversations with my wife, podcasts I’ve listened to, or articles and books I’ve read. I also hope to interview fathers, newer ones and older ones, who can share their stories that we can laugh at and advice that we can learn from. And most of all, I want this blog to be a platform where we can share with each other, a diverse and interconnected web of fathers who are striving to do the most and be the best for our girls. I sincerely hope that you will join me in building that community.