We expose our Courageous Girls to social justice issues around the world and offer 2 routes to help Design Change: 

1.) Pairing up with a nonprofit organization for the year through CGC Change-Makers, and/or

2.) Finding current volunteer opportunities through CGC Helping Hands.

Both opportunities, though different, promote the idea of delving deep into an issue and exploring how that organization is working to make a difference. Designing change is complex, and requires a thorough knowledge of all the different factors that effect that one issue, such as the environment, culture, policies, attitudes, weather patterns, gender roles, etc. By exploring all the relevant and age-appropriate issues, Courageous Girls have the opportunity to learn about the complexities of helping and at the same time broaden their world-view, and with expert input design and re-design their ideas for change.  



Choose YOUR WAY to DESIGN Change: