We know how important, yet difficult it is to build in meaningful volunteer and social action opportunities into our Courageous Girls’ lives, so we want to make it as easy and relevant as possible. We also know that to solve current and future problems requires creativity and innovation, skills we want to channel for good in our Courageous Girls.

We offer this in 2 ways:

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Where your club either chooses a problem in your own community to solve, or pair up with a nonprofit organization anywhere in the world, and learn to create positive change in innovative ways.


Short or long-term hands-on opportunities, whether in your community or beyond.

Each year your club will decide how you want to use your Courage for Good, and either volunteer in your own community or beyond, or do a project to help others through Social Entrepreneurship. Compassion is the key to harness our Courageous Girls' power in opening up their world-view, and find their motivation to help others.

Through the process of identifying, designing and implementing girl-led solutions to challenges that other people face, they learn to gain their voice and expand their skill-sets and problem solving capacities in order to realize their potential to be change-makers. 

The goal is to spark their compassion, innovation, and creativity, to develop the mindset that they have the power to help others, and see the world beyond their own horizons.

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