Welcome Courageous Girls And moMs!

My name is Nori Flautner, and my background and passion are in Health Education and Public Health Communication and Marketing. 

I have four daughters, and I've spent a lot of time thinking, reading, researching, what should I be teaching them now, so that I help grow courageous, compassionate, and kind girls into women. There are so many things I'd like for them to know... how to be assertive, how to be a good friend, how to stand up to bullies, how to stay true to themselves and not be led by the media or peer pressure. And also how to be more empathetic, more grateful, and helpful to others. 

What's more, these are the issues and skills that social scientists recommend as important skills to have for the 21st century girl in order to grow up to be a happy, confident woman.

But how do I teach them some of these things? I didn’t really know… 

So I’ve researched organizations, experts, books, blogs as well as nonprofits far and near, and it always struck me what amazing work these people are doing, wishing my girls could enroll in all of their programs! But they can’t, because we either don’t live in California or Boston, or we can’t afford this or that… 

And this all takes a lot of effort, especially on top of everything else that we are already doing for our children. 

So the point of this Courageous Girls Club is to take the effort out of the hands of Courageous Mothers, but at the same time replace it with power - of knowing what and how to teach our girls. 

And this website should give you lots of options so that you can choose your own path, as I'm on a mission to learn from and collect expertise in the different fields, and translating them into interactive activities on how we can help raise our Courageous Girls, who truly grasp their power to change the world. 


So let's begin!