My name is Nori Flautner, and all my daydreams and passion from literally early childhood on have been around health education… so I first received my BA in Sport Science with a minor in Health Education from St. Olaf College, and then my masters in Health and Behavioral Studies from Teachers College Columbia University in NYC.

I then spent my 20s working in different parts of the world and exploring how best to educate people on all kinds of health issues, ranging from HIV/AIDS, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, to creating better lifestyle habits. I did my student teaching at the Hong Kong International School, which exposed me to experiential and project-based learning, which blew me away, and wished I had been taught that way my whole life. I later joined a global organization called Right to Play and was sent to Ghana, where the goal was to do exactly what I learned in Hong Kong and teach children and teens about health issues through hands-on, educational games. Another highlight was working in Budapest, Hungary, at the Megallo Foundation for Addicts, at a school just for young adults, to help put their lives back on track with lifestyle choices that serve them. For the first time in my life I was exposed to emotional literacy and started my deep-dive into the importance of knowing how our brains work.

I then went back to school, and received my MPH in Public Health Communication and Marketing from George Washington University in DC.

And then I got stumped by my 5 year old (who is now 12).

She came up to me after school one day and said:

“Someone told me that I look like a boy. What should I have said?”

And I had absolutely no idea.

I also didn’t even know where to look for an answer… where do you learn how to reply to such a thing?

Hence my learning journey began… each book lead to another book, to another organization, to a different podcast, to new ideas, to online classes and unique opportunities… and my brain took off and started collecting all these skills and tools and issues that seemed important to know (and which are now on this website.) And as my 4 daughters grew, new issues came up, which helped me delve deeper into the different areas, such as how to be assertive, how to be a good friend, how to stand up to bullies, how to stay true to themselves and not be led by the media or peer pressure. And also how to be more grateful, and helpful to others especially in this crazy, consumer culture.

So the point of this Courageous Girls Club is to take the effort out of the hands of Courageous Mothers, but at the same time replace it with power - of knowing what and how to teach our girls. 

And this website should give you lots of options so that you can choose your own path, as I'm on a mission to learn from the different experts in the field, and translating them into interactive activities on how we can help raise our Courageous Girls, who truly grasp their power to change the world.


So let's begin!