Your life is a story. Your fear is a story.

Courage is a story.


"It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are." -e.e.cummings


The Courageous Girls Club (CGC) targets mothers and their Courageous Girls (K-8), and offers interactive activities that POWER UP! and help break down important issues that 21st century girls face today, volunteer opportunities that DESIGN Change, and outdoor explorations through CALL TO adventure.

You can start your own Courageous Girls Club together with other mothers and daughters, and access all the INFormation and activities you need to help your daughter(s) write their own courageous endings to any story in their lives. 


Why Courageous, and what does it really mean?


1. Explores who she is - Learns to listen to her own heart, to get to know herself and her thoughts, feelings, strengths, weaknesses, dreams, fears, and aspirations. She learns to tune out societal and peer pressures, and figure out what her own unique voice is. 

2. Feels her power to stand up for herself and represent herself and her thoughts and ideas to the world - she is armed with knowledge of the world and understands friendship/bullying dynamics, the complex messages girls receive from all forms of media, and through social and emotional skills knows how to transform stress, resolve conflicts, and fight against cultural norms she does not believe in. 

3. Has the heart/courage to stand up for others, as a helper, as a friend, and as a change-maker.


Courage roar 3.jpg


Why are Moms involved?

The first ever role-model of a Courageous Girl is her mother... and the foundation of a healthy child is connection. And while we may not always know the right thing to say, or how to broach an important topic, or even know what issues to discuss, the Courageous Girls Club is all about helping us do our best. 

What better way to continue to build that connection in this often frantic, crazy world, then to take the time to explore the world together and create a safe space from an early age on where you can tackle important issues and share your life experiences in the process?! 

We give you the tools - we continuously add the best interactive activities, discussions and videos from experts on media literacy, emotional and social intelligence, how to deal with friendships and bullying, healthy sexuality, building confidence, and much more - and then you choose your path along with your Courageous Girl(s).

Through sharing, learning, playing, building, modeling, and volunteering together, your Courageous Girl(s) will benefit in immeasurable ways - grow in connection, confidence, and compassion - and surprisingly, you will, too. 



What we mean by "The Experts..."

I read a beautiful introduction to a book that described how a mother was dropping off her child at college for the first time, thousands of miles away from home, and 5 minutes before leaving her daughter turned to her and said - "Mom, can you please quickly teach me how to sew?" She did, of course, but then went on to say, that at that moment she thought to herself: 

"What else haven't I taught her that I should have over the past 18 years?" 

That question is the motivation behind the Courageous Girls Club, but looking ahead into the future... What should our 21st Century Courageous Girls learn and do now in order to grow up being compassionate, confident and happy? 

On a mission to empower my own 4 daughters, I've found some amazing organizations that help with different pieces of that puzzle... But most of them always happen to be somewhere else. Whether just a few states, or oceans away. 

The list of what it means to be a Courageous Girl also keeps getting longer as more and more research comes pouring in. A Courageous Girl in this day of age needs to be much more life-savvy than perhaps my generation ever was. The importance of social and emotional intelligence - to understand and manage her emotions, set and achieve goals, be able to maintain positive relationships - as well as to know how to deal with a sometimes cruel world and stand up to bullying or peer-pressure; have the critical thinking skills that lets her evaluate the complex messages girls receive in the media; fight the culture of consumption and entitlement; figure out her own values and stay true to her authentic self. The longer the list got, the more overwhelmed I felt. 

But... we still have years and years left. And these issues tackled every other week or once a month, really breaks it down and gives us time to enjoy getting to know the world with our Courageous Girls.

So I want to gather the knowledge from all these organizations whose expertise are all these issues and much more, and break it down into interactive explorations of ourselves and our world, so that every mother has access to all the building blocks that it takes to prepare a Courageous Girl for life. 

And why would these experts agree to share their knowledge with us? 

Because Courageous Girls Rock! And because we are their target audience... So with each lesson plan they share with us, information of that organization will be presented directly on that lesson plan, so if they wish, Courageous Girls will then be able to go deeper on those issues or follow-up on their websites, blogs, listen to their podcasts, watch their videos, or join their programs. So the better activities/lessons/videos they send us, the more inclined Courageous Girls will be to check them out!!! 


So if you happen to represent an organization that empowers girls, or if you work on: 

body image issues,

social and emotional intelligence,

media literacy,

Conflict Resolution,

LEadership skills,

Life skills,

Building confidence,



HEalthy sexuality,


please share with us your expertise!!

Break it down into lesson plan(s) that mothers and their Courageous Girls can do together, in pairs or as a club, and please send it to us.

Also, if you are a parent, teacher, therapist, with an awesome activity/lesson plan that Courageous Girls could benefit from, please send it to us as well!